The above photo is in a div with id BannerAd so should be blocked by ad blockers using EasyList.

Aloodo/Google Analytics demo

There are three kinds of tools commonly detected as an ad blocker. This is a demo to help show how to tell them apart. (More info: full-service blockers, privacy tools, deceptive blockers)

The messages in the demo messages section here are generated by the demo.js script.

Demo messages

uBlock Origin: (full service blocker) In this ad blocker's default configuration, this page will not load the Google Analytics script at all, because is on the EasyPrivacy blocklist. Users of uBlock Origin may be under-counted by Google Analytics.

Firefox with Enhanced Tracking Protection: (privacy tool that blocks cookies but not resource loads) The ad image at the top will be visible, and a noadblock event will be sent to Google Analytics. When the Aloodo tracker fails to set its third-party cookie, the cookieblocked event will also be sent.

Adblock Plus: The adblock and whitelist messages will be sent to Google Analytics, because the ad on this page is blocked, but an image from a site participating in the Acceptable Ads paid whitelisting program will load.

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Ad image based on: "1978 Plymouth Volare 4 door" by Orangechallenger for Wikimedia Commons